Collegiate volleyball makes strides

Published On: Nov 04 2013 10:16:19 AM CST
Collegiate volleyball img

The Collegiate Lady Spartan volleyball team has finally wrapped up their season with a record of 10-17 that the team feels does not reflect the team’s capabilities well. According to senior Brooke Weber, the team accomplished much more than anyone thought that they could.

“This season was critical in the development of our younger players,” said coach Destiny Clark. “Getting them experience and helping to build their skills and their confidence was a major part of this season.”

Clark claims that the chemistry on the team improved throughout the season, which helped attitudes as the season went along. The girls also accepted their roles on the team and executed them better as the season went along which was especially evident in their win over Mulvane in the last regular season match.

“I wish we would have believed in ourselves and each other earlier on in the season,” said sophomore Addison Root. “If we would have proved what we could accomplish at the beginning of the season, I feel like our record and overall playing would improve.”

Next year the Spartans will be a fairly inexperienced team yet again with only three girls having significant varsity playing time. Junior Caroline Go and sophomores Bryanna Stocker and Root will have to step up to lead the team next year as they have the most varsity experience. Girls are really going to have to put in a lot of work in the off-season if they are going to better their record next year.

“I look forward to getting in a big class of new freshmen next year,” said Clark. “Because our numbers are usually small anyway. There are some real competitors in that class and I'm eager to work with them.”

This season and team was unlike any other year, according to Root. The team had lots of jokes and constant catch phrases, and they enjoyed each others company and loved spending their afternoons together every day. Root especially felt like the team members cared for each other like a family, and the glue to all of that was the seniors. ”We will miss them very much next year.”

The seniors, as always, are regretful to leave the team that they have gotten to know so well.

“We became a family,” said senior Megan “Meme” Wheeler. “They are my younger sisters. Not going to practice every day is really sad.”

“I'm going to miss this team so much,” said Weber, “I'll definitely miss the team dinners and late night Target runs the most.”

The Spartans wrapped up their season and will start fresh next year with very little varsity experience yet again. They will be training in the off-season to achieve a high level of fitness and conditioning at the start of the season.

“I am really looking forward to seeing them work hard and improve their volleyball skills and strength and conditioning,” said Clark. “I love working with them in the off-season and I hope it will pay off for us next fall.”